20 YEAR OF Wholesales Tyres


Kitar Teliti Sdn Bhd had organized a 7 days Tyre Investigation Group in China. The purpose of this trip is to enhance a better understanding of producing and also discuss the future of business cooperation.

The team arrived at Qingdao International Airport on 03 Jan 2018 in the evening. After check in hotel, they took a rest as well.

On 04 Jan 2018, Mr Cher ,Director of Kitar Teliti Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and the team have opportunity to have a great lunch with business partner from Qingdao Telsun International Trading Co,Ltd.

(05 Jan 2018) Mr Cher and the team have the pleasure welcome to visit the company of Shandong Jinwangda Tire Co,Ltd. After visited, they having lunch with Shandong Jinwangda Tire Co,Ltd team.

After that, they visited Shandong Zhengyu Wheel Group Co,Ltd. During the visiting process, all team members are learned a new knowledge with great enthusiasm and passion. At the night they having a dinner with the Shandong Zhengyu Wheel Group team.

(07 Jan 2018) Tongli Tyre Co,Ltd. Company provided a great opportunity for the Malaysian team to visit their Roadone factory. They also help them to gain a much greater knowledge of manufacturing Roadone Tyre. After visited they have lunch with Tongli Tyre Co,Ltd. team.

Tongli Tyre Co,Ltd had authorized exclusive of the product bearing the trademark "Roadone" in territory of Malaysia. Beside Kitar Teliti Sdn Bhd, no others company has the right to import and distribute the "Roadone" product in Malaysia.

(08 Jan 2018) Mr Cher and team visited Yuncheng Yiwan Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co,Ltd. With their careful introduction and explanation, the team experience the entire whole of the manufacturing process.

With this happiness journey, Mr Cher and team went back to Malaysia by 09 Jan 2018 flight.